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A Complete Ayurvedic package to cure Gall bladder stones, Pancreatic stones, Kidney stones and Urinary infections.



  • PURPOSE :  A Complete Ayurvedic package to cure Gall bladder stones, Pancreatic stones, Kidney stones and Urinary infections.
  • GOLSTON SALT:  Salt made from the ashes of :
    • Hygrophila auriculata: Cissus  quadrangularis: Amaranthus  spinosus:  Musa acuminata : Aerva  lanata:  Tribulus
    • Beninacasa hispida: Centella asiatica: Boerhavia diffusa: Zingiber officinale: Elettaria cardamomum: Macrotyloma uniflorum :Tectona grandis: Tribulus  terrestris.
  • Urina EP:
    • Beninacasa hispida: Centella asiatica: Tribulus  terrestris: Boerhavia diffusa: Zingiber officinale: Excipients.


  • Sudden relief from pain within a day.
  • Relieves nausea, vomiting within 3 days.
  • Completely flushes out Gall Bladder stones and Pancreatic stones within 2 months.
  • Completely flushes out Kidney stones, Urinary stones within 15 days.
  • Improves metabolism, corrects digestion and health of kidneys.
  • Relieves UTI infections.


  • USAGE :

Golston salt:

Dilute One packet of salt in pure water & consume in empty stomach One hour before breakfast & One packet  One  hour after dinner for the first 7 days.  One  packet of salt to be  consumed One hour after dinner from 8th day onwards .

Golston Powder :

Boil one heaped teaspoon  powder in 10 glasses of water & consume this drink in a day.

Urina E P :

One Tablet Twice  daily  one hour before food.

  • DURATION : As per the intensity of the disease.
  • Foods to be avoided during medication:
    1. Tamarind
    2. Eggs
    3. Chicken
    4. Dried fish
    5. Cabbage
    6. Agathi keerai (Sesbania Grandiflora)
    7. Cauli flower
    8. Bitter Gourd
    9. Mango
    10. Pumpkin
    11. Pickle
    12. Soft drinks
    13. Liquor
    14. Tea & coffee.

8 reviews for GOLSTON

  1. Raj

    My father was suffering from severe pain due to Gall Bladder stones was advised for a surgery by our nearest speciality hospital. For a second opinion I consulted an Ayurvedic Physician who suggested Golston. Within a couple of days itself the pain was relieved. Golston Medicine was used for a month he is completely normal now. I really appreciate this product and the Power of Ayurveda.

  2. harilal

    Gall Bladder stones was detected for me two months before, doctor told me surgery is the only way. I searched for alternate medication and from internet I found SBM Golston and I tried this medicine. I got good result. Pain was over within the usage of one week & all the stones were gone within the usage of around two months itself. Now Ian free from Gall bladder stones.

  3. sithal

    I gave to my father, It really helped a lot, This product is very useful for kidney stone patients.It’s recommendable product

  4. Telma

    This medicine gave me a good solution……

  5. Manaoj

    My scan report showed formation of 2 stones in the right side of my Gall bladder. These stones were completely cured by suing SBM GOLSTON. I took SBM Medicine for 1 month & I strictly followed all the instructions provided by SBM. Now I am feeling much happy.

  6. Sreeja

    My father who is working in the middle east was suffering from severe pain due to Kidney stones. Our family Doctor suggested SBM Golston and within the usage of a week itself the pain was gone. The entire stones were completely dissolved with the usage of SBM Medicine for a month. Its a very good medicine.

  7. Rakesh

    I am working in IT industry at Bangalore and is having kidney stones for last 2 years. I tried many allopathic and ayurvedic medicines, but was in vain. Finally Doctors suggested for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy treatment. I came to know about SBM Golston from my friend who is a practicing ayurvedic doctor, Continuous usage of Golston for a month has completely dissolved by stones. Its a very Good medicine in my experience.

  8. Aravindakshan

    Best medicine

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