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Product Id : 1184    Net Weight : 60/tab

Special Price  450.00  450.00

Hyperacidity, Indigestion, Fatty liver , Pigmentation on skin.

Hyperacidity, Indigestion, Fatty liver , Pigmentation on skin.

2 tablets twice daily, one hour before breakfast in empty stomach and one hour after dinner or as directed by physician.


Each tablet contains

Apium leptophyllum Bl 13.999%

Cynodone dactylone WP 13.999%

Aloe vera WP 13.999%

Boerrhavia diffusa WP 13.999%

Phyllanthus fraternus WP 13.999%

Aristolochia indica Ro 13.999%

Adhatoda vasica Ro 13.999%

Excipients Q.S.

3Kg of all ingredients are crushed and boiled in 168 Ltrs of water to make 21Ltrs of kashayam which is evaporated to get the extract. The extract is mixed with nicepowder of all ingredients each 500gm and dried in the drier, granulated and compressed into tablets with the following excipients.

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