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Product Id : 1171    Net Weight : 100/ml

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Burns, Bed sores & Varicose Vein Wounds

Cures Wounds, Cuts, Burns, Bed sores & Varicose Vein Wounds

Relieves from any sores/wounds within 21 days.

Clean the wound with warm water & dry with cotton cloth.

Shake the bottle vigorously. Apply SBM wound oil generously.

Cover it with a clean old cotton cloth. Apply SBM wound oil repeatedly in an interval of three hours.

Shake well before use.
Do not use gauze or cotton balls on the wound.
Do not wet the wound till it is completely dried.
While bathing, cover the wound with plastic cover.


Ocimum sanctum

Curcuma longa

Cynodon dactylon

Biophytum sensitivum

Cocos nucifera

20 kg of each ingredients (1 to 4) is weighed & crushed and juice is extracted 3 times step by step by adding total 320 litres of hot water. 2.5 kg of each ingredient (1 to 4) is weighed and grinded thoroughly by adding the juice obtained above. This mixture is heated with 100 litres of coconut oil in low flame until the kalka becomes 'manal paka'. Filter the oil.

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