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SBM Civettina

Product Id : 1129    Net Weight : 50/gm

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Derived from the Latin name of a species of Civet cat, Civet oil, which is the secretion of civet cat, has been used for many years by tribal medical practitioners of South Indian forests for treatment of pimples and wrinkles. The magical effect of the civet oil is useful in getting rid of Pimple, Acne, Freckles, Wrinkles, Pigmentation and Sunburns.

Civettina is useful in getting rid off Pimple, Acne, Freckles, Wrinkles, Pigmentation and Sunburns.

The correct usage of the product involves using one’s own urine as the base for preparing the face pack. The product can also be used by mixing Civettina powder with milk, buttermilk, lime juice, honey, or plain water. The suitable medium is selected on the basis of skin type of the person. The product needs to be applied on the affected part and washed after 15 minutes.


Ficus bengalensis (Removes excessive oil from sebaceous glands)

Pterocarpus santalinus (Antibacterial, improves fairness and also acts as a coolant for the skin)

Symplocos racemosa (Improves skin tone)

Rubia cordifolia (Removes aged cells)

Red ochre (Purifies blood and reduces pigmentation)

Portulaca oleracea (Purifies blood and cures pimple)

All processed ingredients are crushed disintegrated and micropulverized.

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