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SBM Muskol Oil

Product Id : 1132    Net Weight : 50/ml

Special Price  599.00


SBM Muskol Oil has been specially designed to rectify male sexual disorders and provide normal yet more satisfying sexual activity. Regular use of this oil eliminates impotency, premature ejaculation and penis enlargement. Muskol is formulated to increase penis size and enhance erections via topical application.

Muskol oil is an indispensable remedy for men who, on account of excessive masturbation, unnatural sex, advancing age problem or the adverse effects of medication or treatment, have became a victim to sexual inadequacy, premature ejaculation or impotency. The Muskol growth oil has properties to solve these deterrents and ensure conjugal bliss.

  • Permanent penis enlargement

  • Increase the girth (width) of your penis

  • Get more powerful erections

  • Reduce premature ejaculation

  • Eliminates impotency, premature ejaculation

Take 5 to 10 drops of this oil on the palm of the hand and gently massage on the shaft of the penis morning and evening. 

The side effects of using Muskol Oil are only the positive ones resulting from natural enhancement of penis and reduced premature ejaculation.


Aloe vera (For tightening skin, to give them growing effect).

Jasminum grandifolium (Control temperature and humidity).

Sesamum indicum  (Efficient immune enhancer, increasing anti oxidant effects).

Intigofera tingtoria (Nervine disorders).

Eclipta alba (Long evity and rejuvenation).

Cocos nucifera (Anti fungal and anti bactericidal. Makes skin smooth and silky too).

All ingredients are mixed with equal part of coconut oil & milk and boiled upto paste form (arakku paka)

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