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SBM Mecoon G I & G II

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Diabetes, referred as Diabetes Mellitus in clinical terms, is a common yet grave metabolic disorder which affects the body’s ability to process and use glucose properly. The cause of the condition is interdependent on the type of the diabetes. The type varies from Type I, Type II and Gestational Diabetes. Other variations of the condition also exist.
The SBM Mecoon GI & GII is a herbal formula developed by scientist Dr. Sreedevi 

The traditional texts on Ayurveda describe about 21 types of diabetes as well as several preparations, which can be helpful to control the condition. There cannot be a single effective drug to treat the different diabetic conditions. SBM Mecoon GI & GII tablets are research products which can treat diabetes naturally. 

The action of Mecoon G1 may take at least 90 days to establish in the body.

The action of Mecoon G11 is comparable to natural insulin, which can give quick results. You can see the reduction in urine and blood sugar levels.

If the patient is using allopathic medications, the medicines have to be gradually reduced and stopped within 90 days, as per body constitution.

Mecoon G1 : 2 tablets one hour before breakfast on empty stomach or as directed by physician.

Mecoon G11 : 2 tablets one hour after dinner or as directed by physician. 


Mecoon GI ingredients: 

Mimosa pudica (Rejuvenates pancreatic cells. Acts as a neuro tonic)

Curcuma longa (Anti-cellular toxins. Reduces sugar level.)

Prunus Puddum (Activates beta cells.)

Tinospora cordifolia (Rejuvenates the body.)

Syzygium cumini (Controls excess thirst.)

Boerhavia diffusa (Rejuvenate circulatory system. Balances body heat. Diuretic.\)

Mecoon GII Ingredients: 

Syzygium cumini (Controls excess thirst.)

Tinospora cordifolia (Rejuvenates whole body)

Aeriva lanata (Diuretic and demulcent)

Tribulus terrestis (Diuretic, Controls sugar levels.)

Lepidium sativum (Controls urine sugar)

Caesalpinea sapan (Balances sugar levels in urine and blood, controls thirst, balances body heat.)

Curcuma longa (Anti-toxic, Reduces Blood sugar level)

Boerhavia diffusa (Rejuvenate circulatory system. Balances body heat. Diuretic.)

All ingredients are mycropulverized and filtered. This fine powder is dried in drier granulated and compressed into tablets.

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