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SBM Fitness Oil

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The extra fat which invades particular parts of the body such as waist, neck, thighs, chin, arm pits and buttocks can ruin your body shape. Turn away your wrinkles, bulges and swellings with SBM Fitness Oil, an Ayurvedic remedy to reduce skin inflammation, stored fat and excess sweating. The Fitness Oil is enriched with active herbs and serves as a highly rated anti ageing product.

The benefits from SBM Fitness Oil are immense. It helps in:

  • Loss of body fat at desired areas.
  • Get you free from swellings and sagging without any side effects.
A slight increase in urination and a slight decrease in appetite may be experienced while using the product. The product usage can result in the dramatic improvement of appearance and a healthy feel of the body within only a few weeks of using Fitness Oil.

  • Weigh yourself.
  • Take 4-5ml of SBM Fitness Oil and apply on the fatty areas (eg: tummy, hips & thighs). 
  • Follow with 2 - 3 minutes massage.
  • Apply once daily before bath or before exercise. You may combine with exercise, walking, jogging or sauna belts.
*Result may vary from person to person.


Ocimum sanctum (controls excessive sweating and reduces body odour)

Wrictia tinctoria (Improves circulation and metabolic rate, smoothens the skin)

Cynodon dactylon (Dissolves fat, removes the water and gas molecules retained in between the fat globules.)

Cinnamomum campora (Improves circulation, removes swellings and controls body odour.)

Cocos nucifera (Anti fungal and anti bactericidal. Burns fat. Makes skin smooth and silky too.)

The ingredients are to be chopped and boiled with coconut oil till the Kalka gets paste form (arakku paka), filter the oil, and add camphor. The SBM Fitness Oil is a bouquet of herbs which rejuvenates as well as replenishes the body’s own antioxidants. It increases hydration in the skin, which in turn controls oil producing gland (sebaceous Glands.) The unique combinations of herbs help to block the production of damaging substances that can cause wrinkles, sagging skin and premature aging.

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