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Ultimate solution for all gastro-intestinal disorders,stregthens the kidneys and nervous system.

SBM Licorice is an ultimate solution for all gastro-intestinal tract disorders. It is a single drug formulation of Glycyrrhiza glabra known as ‘Yashtimadhu’ in Sanskrit. Licorice is 50 times sweeter than cane sugar, it is this sweet flavour that makes it so powerful in its toning. Licorice strengthens the kidneys and nervous system, counteracts inflammation and balances all three doshas.

Good for eyes and vision Provides good strength and immunity Enhances color and complexion Good aphrodisiac, increases the quality and quantity of semen Good hair tonic Excellent remedy for throat disorders, good for improving voice Heals ulcers, wounds and swelling, inflammation associated with wounds Neutralizes the bad effects of poisons and toxins Acts as an anti emetic Relieves thirst Good expectorant, expels phlegm from lungs, heals respiratory diseases Good for heart health Eases symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome like irritability, bloating, breast tenderness etc Beneficial in allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma Good brain tonic Acts as blood purifier

1 tablet thrice daily, one hour before food or as directed by physician. It is preferable to chew tablet and swallow slowly. In case of sore throat & cough, it can be made into a drink along with ginger and can be taken sip by sip.


Licorice Extract : 800 mg

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