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INDICATIONS : Insomnia, Disturbed sleep, All types of sleep disorders.

Effective for Sleeplessness due to:

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Pre/post menopausal hormonal changes
  • In patient suffering from Psychic issues.
  • Jet lag
  • Sleeplessness in  senior citizens & kids  due to various reasons.

INGREDIENTS : Michelia champaca (White Champak), Michelia champaca (Red Champak), Nelumbo nucifera (White Lotus), Nelumbo nucifera (Red Lotus), Aristolochia indica (Serpent Root), Ruta graveolens (Rue), Cocos nucifera (Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil).

USAGE : Apply and gently massage 2-3 drops on pate, behind ears and under feet before going to bed.

Net content : 30 ML


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13 reviews for SBM SLEEPOL

  1. Pramod

    Good for Sleep

  2. Savithri

    100% natural

  3. Valsamma

    Good result

  4. Ashik

    Feel good…

  5. Mini

    Best product….Recommendable

  6. Gopinath

    Feel so good .100%Ayurvedic

  7. Vasudev

    Good medicine

  8. rajani

    very useful for sound sleep.. being 100% ayurvedic no side effects.

  9. Gopinath

    Excellent product, I used it & it relieves stress and gives a peaceful sleep.

  10. satheesh sanjay

    Useful for Students also. can be used during exam time for late nigh studies. It provides a calm & peaceful sleep.

  11. Krishnakumar

    Very useful product from SBM. My self & may parents are using this oil. we are very much happy with this product.

  12. Mahesh

    My stressful job schedules led me to Insomnia. Sleepoil is providing me now very calm sleep & I feel more energetic now.

  13. Akash

    Myself & friends in our hostel is using this oil especially in exam time as we sleep late night only.

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