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INDICATIONS : Pimples, Acne, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Sun tanning, Freckles, Chickenpox scars, Improves skin tone.

INGREDIENTS : Ficus benghalensis, Pterocarpus santalinus, Symplocos racemosa,
Rubia cordifolia, Red ochre, Portulaca oleracea.

• Suitable for all ages and all skin types.
• Made from 100% pure & natural ingredients.
• Addresses all skin problems depending on the method of use.
• Free from chemicals usually added to give colour and fragrance to face pack,
hence no artificial fillers used.
• Products with 100% natural ingredients takes up to one month time for attaining desirable long lasting results rather
than showing instant as well as fading results overnight. SBM Ayur CIVETTINA shows results within two to four weeks.

USAGE : SBM Ayur CIVETTINA is a single solution addressing multiple skin problems depending on the mode of
use. Mix one tablespoon of SBM Ayur CIVETTINA in the desired medium as listed below according to your specific
requirements/ skin problems or as directed by physician. Apply evenly on face and neck region. Leave it for 15
minutes and wash off with plain water.

• Pimples, Wrinkles & Pigmentation : Potato juice/ Tomato juice/ Sour buttermilk/ for better results in
your own first urine of the day collected at 4.30 am in morning.
• Oily Skin : Tomato juice/ Potato juice/ Cucumber juice/ Buttermilk/ Plain water.
• Dry Skin : Curd/ Milk/ Honey/ Milk + Honey (1: 1).
• Normal Skin : Honey & Lemon/ Buttermilk/ Coconut milk/ Tomato juice/ Cucumber juice/ Curd/
Plain water.

DURATION : Daily usage is recommended.




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9 reviews for SBM CIVETTINA

  1. Remya

    Good product

  2. Nayana

    Excellent face pack

  3. Sanjana

    100% natural face pack

  4. Riya

    Nice product for Smooth and Soft face.

  5. Rajeswary

    Outstanding face pack.Very powerful

  6. Bency

    Improve skin tone….Best one

  7. Goji

    100% Pure & Natural

  8. Reena

    Good result

  9. Seena

    excellent skin care product

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