About The Founder

About The Founder:

Dr. Sreedevi is one of the most renowned names in the field of natural medicine. Successful masters in general biology led her to do a doctoral program in wildlife biology. As a part of her research she spent seven long years in wilderness of forests researching medicinal properties of civet cats.

During this time she met and got drawn to tribal as well as traditional practitioners in medicine. She relentlessly pursued to bring healing powers of these, Siddha and Unani practitioners to heal diseases that stem out of our modern lifestyle. Putting her faith and scientific knowledge to use, she collected single root panaceas to reinstate good health. Being born in a family engaged in traditional treatments for generations, her research aimed at combining scientific techniques and traditional practises to develop natural medicines that help to restore purity & balance of our body.

In 2003 she started her own Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing firm, Sri Bhagavathy Madom Ayurveda Nikethanam. Her formulations, 17 to be precise, have been recognized by the coveted USFDA in America and 23 formulations under Health Canada. An impressive 13 have been recognized by Dubai Municipality and a colossal 41 formulations have been patented under Drug Controller (ASU) Government of Kerala. More than 300 doctors today prescribe her medicines while her products are sought after in GCC countries, UAE, USA, Malaysia and Canada.

Her ground breaking and most sought after medicine is SBM FAT FREE TABLET. It is one of the only medicines of its kind known to reduce fat and balance cholesterol levels simultaneously and is 100% natural. SBM REJUENA is an exceptional medicine known to boost immunity and cure many incurable diseases. Her other effectual and popular products include SBM INDRANEELI HAIR OIL that arrests all hair related problems. SBM THIRUTHAALI – Pure Leaf Juice Shampoo which has 94% natural ingredients compared to 98% of chemical contents found in other herbal shampoos. SBM CIVETTINA - Ayurvedic Face Pack provides not just beauty to tired skin but gets rid of pimples, scars, sunburns and pigmentation.

Dr. Sreedevi was recipient of prestigious Best Entrepreneur Award in Kerala in 2011 and Chamber of Commerce recognized her efforts for two consecutive years 2009 & 2010. In 2012 SBM FAT FREE was selected as “The Best Natural Product for Weight Loss & Cholesterol Control” & SBM REJUENA as “Immunity Booster” won the Best Selling Product title in Canada.

Dr. Sreedevi wears many hats. When she’s not playing the role of a scientist, she engages in spiritual discourses on Bhagavad Gita, delivers talks & enlightens people on many health benefits of Ayurveda. She has started an Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, called SBM Ayur Health & Beauty Centre which is also based on a very innovative concept where beauty and health are taken care with pure fresh herbal preparations.